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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a look at our most common questions below from other past and current students. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch to obtain the information you need.

free coding classes
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  • Are there any fees or costs associated with being a student at Artex?
    Artex is a fully nonprofit organization. There are zero fees or costs associated with being a student at Artex! Artex is a non-profit organization that employs trained volunteers to teach.
  • Do I get volunteer hours for volunteering with Artex?
    Artex is a fantastic way to earn volunteer hours! At the end of your teaching term, Artex will provide you with a proof of community service letter that certifies the number of hours you volunteered for.
  • Are our tutors certified and experienced in coding?
    All of the tutors at Artex are experienced in coding, with a deep understanding of various programming languages and concepts corresponding to our programs. Our tutors area also professionally trained to teach the course content, providing the ultimate free experience for our students.
  • Can students schedule sessions at their convenience?
  • What age groups is the programs targeted towards?
    ARTex programs are targeted towards students from grades 3 - 10. Some programs may not be available for all ages in this range. Please check out our programs page to learn more about them!
  • Can I apply for a teaching/admin position?
    Yes, please! We are open to any applications, as long as you are in grade 9+ at the time you apply. Coding experience is not required, as we provide training for the course content.
  • Where will classes be held?
    This Summer, classes will be held at Dunbar Community Center.
  • Where can I contact Artex?
    You may reach Artex at
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